The Genesis of the Mod Laptop 2

Mod Laptop 2 in Toffee

About a year ago we introduced the Mod Laptop. Our goal was to take the success of the Mod Tablet and expand it to accommodate not just a laptop, but all the essentials of the modern professional: phone, cords, cards, pens, a tablet, notebooks, glasses, keys, currency. It was the largest and most complex piece we’d ever made.

Since then, the Mod Laptop has become one of our most popular items, as well as one of the most frequently commented upon. We’ve spent the last year completing a detailed study of the needs of users, as well as of the feedback our amazing social community has shared with us. The result of this analysis is the Mod Laptop 2.

Mod Laptop 2 in Charcoal

The reboot begins with a newly felt-lined pocket for the laptop itself. We needed a material that was high quality, durable and soft to the touch of both the device and the user’s hand, while also providing a sophisticated accent against our leather. We found the answer by working with Buffalo Felt, a heritage felt maker in West Seneca, NY. Buffalo’s team worked closely with our designers to develop a custom felt just for our Mod Laptop 2 made of 100% natural wool produced locally in the US. This felt lip protects the laptop from scraping against the zipper, while also providing a protective barrier around the laptop.

Wool “Gum” Locks in the Laptop

The next big change was the addition of our first ever cross-body strap. We’ve wanted to introduce a strap to the Mod line for a long time, but straps often clutter a design and we didn’t want to sacrifice the clean Mod profile. That’s why the strap on our Mod Laptop 2 can be removed and the hardware hidden away in back of the case. Our straps are 100% leather and custom made for the Mod Laptop 2 in the factory across the hall from our design studio.

Strap rings retract into case when not in use.

The trickiest item in a laptop’s arsenal, though, is often the blocky charger. We often saw people chucking their laptop case into a larger bag just so they could also fit the power adapter. We tried to find a way to house The Brick (as we call it) inside the Mod Laptop, but this proved impossible without substantially increasing the thickness of the whole case.

But we wanted the Mod Laptop 2 to amount to a complete carry; The Brick had to come along.

The answer came from an unexpected source: the Italian Spatialist Lucio Fontana. Known for his Tagli series, Fontana made actual incisions into monochromatic canvases the subject of his work.

Lucio Fontana, Spatial Concept ‘Waiting’, 1960
Lucio Fontana at work

To house The Brick we made a 35° angled cut in the back of the case. This opening is unadorned yet produces enough natural tension to hold the charger in place.

Mod Laptop 2 in French Grey
Mod Laptop 2 in Cognac

Once we started using this unique detail we found ourselves obsessed with all the other problems it solved – it’s perfect for boarding passes, notes, or anything else you want quick access to. We nicknamed it “The Pouch” because it reminded us of the noble and biologically remarkable marsupial.

“Marsupialia collage” by Friendly_Female_Koala.JPG

Finally, the Mod Laptop 2 features our new, strong magnets from Connecticut based Romag. These magnetic fasteners are the best in the world at packing maximum power into the lightest and smallest package. They actually exert 8,100 Gauss, enough to require 21 lbs of force to remove, and they’re 100% safe for your electronics.

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 4.11.45 PM

This final change means that the new Mod Laptop 2 is truly modifiable, able to seamlessly incorporate the full suite of Mod 2 inserts. This means it can be instantly customized to the unique needs of the photographer, the graphic designer, the adventurer, the bike commuter, the architect, the executive, the industrial designer, the writer, and to you.


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