DAYTRIP Retrospective


With our debut NYC popup in the rearview mirror, many thanks are in order and the nostalgia has begun. After all of the fun we had there, it was hard to pack up and say goodbye.


DAYTRIP’s goal was to introduce This is Ground to New York. We’d already been fast internet friends, and decided it was time to get to know each other better on the ground. In what ended up being a gorgeous storefront in Nolita—a custom-designed space made specifically with DAYTRIP in mind—all sorts of people got a chance to interact with our products and embrace all the laid-back adventures the popup had to offer. Nolita was abuzz with an interesting mix of tourists and locals—a perfect spot for us.


Alongside This is Ground’s classics (plus some exciting new addition
s), guests got to see Priority Bicycles’ famed maintenance-free bicycles up close and personal. Partnering with Priority for DAYTRIP was a blast, and being on their home turf made it all the better. Dave, Lauren and the whole team from Priority were superstars—true professionals and party animals who brought so much passion to the project.


Blessed with some perfect early-summer days, we got to spend our time playing sidewalk ping pong and throwing some amazing block parties—complete with cold brew from Nobletree Coffee, The Macallan Scotch, and catering by Nolita’s own Cafe Habana.

Photo credit: @ramarich

And then there were the kinds of adventures that are funnier to talk about afterwards. Like our tiny Airbnb littered with glitter and potato chips. Or being greeted by the sheriff upon arriving to the popup space to learn it had been subletted illegally (we found the building’s real owner and sorted it all out in less than 24 hours, but oh what a 24 hours they were). It wouldn’t have been New York without a few surprises.


There was actually a little confusion around the name DAYTRIP, which might’ve obfuscated our brand identities to East Coast newcomers. TimeOut even called us a “cycling innovator” (sounds fun!). There’s also a bit of what we might call popup fatigue going around, which is one of about one hundred reasons we’re excited to be doing something completely new with our next adventure: Ground Control.


Ground Control is right across from the Ace Hotel in our own DTLA. Neither a conventional brick-and-mortar nor a flash-in-the-pan popup, Ground Control is a liminal, flexible space where creativity will have plenty of room to run wild. And not only our creativity, in fact: Ground Control is a focal point for all the incredibly creative entities and ideas springing up around This is Ground. DTLA hasn’t yet had a physical place for its startups, its innovators and its dreamers to converge and collaborate. With Ground Control, we’re excited to change that.

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